Pre-Registration Educational Course – Regulation 5(b): IBBI (Insolvency Professionals) Regulations, 2016

Sl. No COVERAGE Revised time (Hrs)
1 Insolvency and Bankruptcy Reforms (Including Individual Insolvency)
  • Report of the Bankruptcy Law Reforms Committee
  • Report of the Joint Committee of the Parliament
  • Report of the Insolvency Law Committee
  • Legislative Guide on Insolvency Law of UNCITRAL, Cross border Insolvency, Group Insolvency, world bank principles for effective Insolvency
2 I. Drafting and Filing of Applications for initiation of CIRP on behalf of:
  • Financial Creditor
  • Operational Creditor
  • Corporate Debtor
II. Drafting and Filing of other Miscellaneous Applications Case Laws relating to Admission for CIRP
3 Familiarization with Forms and Formats under:
  • Insolvency and Bankruptcy (Application to Adjudicating Authority) Rules, 2016
  • IBBI(Insolvency Resolution Process for Corporate Persons)Regulations, 2016
  • IBBI (Liquidation Process) Regulations,2016
  • IBBI (Voluntary Liquidation) Regulations,2017
  • IBBI (Inspection and Investigation) Regulations,2017
  • IBBI(Grievances and Complaint Handling Procedure)Regulations,2017
4 Taking over the Corporate Debtor as IRP / RP
  • Finance
  • Labour
  • Security
  • Valuation
  • Essential Services
  • Litigations
  • Safeguards: including Insurance for Prof Liability, Physical security, etc
  • dealing with untoward situations
5 I. Managing the Corporate Debtor
  • Going Concern as IRP / RP
  • Interim Finance
  • Statutory Compliances
  • Understanding and managing the corporate finances
  • dealing with untoward situations
II. Familiarization with information Utility
6 Claims with Examples
  • Verification
  • Rejection
  • Disputed Claims
  • Contingent Claims
  • Appeals
  • Constitution of CoC
7 Conduct the first meeting of the CoC and Subsequent Meetings
  • Notices
  • Invitation
  • Agenda
  • Meeting & Video Meeting
  • Voting &E-Voting
  • Minutes
8 III. Appearance before Adjudicating/Appellate Authority
  • Court procedures and practices
IV. Witness the Proceedings before
  • NCLT
V. Highlights of important and landmark judgments (including big cases)
9 I. Detection and Filing for
  • Preferential Transactions
  • Undervalued Transactions
  • Fraudulent Transactions
  • Extortionate Credit Transactions
II. Forensic Audit
10 Moratorium
  • Essential Services
  • Proceeding against Guarantor
  • Assets of Guarantor to Corporate Debtor
  • Case Laws
11 Fees and Expenses
  • Fee as IRP /RP
  • Insurance
  • Valuers and Other Professionals
  • Other Expenses
  • Cost management during CIRP period
  • Cost disclosures
12 Information Memorandum
  • Preparation
  • Modification
  • Circulation
  • Access
13 Eligibility for Resolution Applicants
  • Commercial
  • Antecedents
  • Section29A
Invitation and evaluation of Resolution Plans
  • EoI
  • RFP
  • Data Room
  • Evaluation Matrix
14 Resolution Plan
  • Mandatory Content
  • Contravention of Other Laws
  • Dues of Stakeholders
  • Case Laws
  • Approval by CoC
  • Filing before Adjudicating Authority
  • Managing Corporate Debtor Post Approval of Plan
  • Examination of Resolution Plan
15 Liquidation Process
  • Initiation of Liquidation
  • Powers and Duties of Liquidator
  • Preparation of Liquidation Estate
  • Manner and Mode of Sale of Assets
  • Waterfall on Distribution of Assets
  • Dissolution of Corporate Debtor
  • Liquidation as going concern
  • Voluntary liquidation
16 Disciplinary Aspects
  • IBBI (Inspection and Investigation) Regulations,2017
  • IBBI(Grievances and Complaint Handling Procedure)Regulations,2017
  • IBBI (Insolvency Professionals) Regulations,2016
17 Management
  • Technology in CIRP/Liquidation etc. processes
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Negotiation
  • Personality
18 Governance
  • Duties and responsibilities of IPs (with case laws)
  • Code of Conduct
  • Ethics
  • Professional Standards
  • Conflict Management
  • Reporting Mandates
  • Protection available to IPs (with case laws)
  • Errors and Omissions of IPs
Total   50

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Governing Board of IIIPI
  • Hon’ble Mr. Justice Anil R. Dave (Retd.), Chairman
  • Shri Ashok Haldia, Independent Director
  • Ms. Rashmi Verma, Independent Director
  • Shri Ajay Mittal, Independent Director
  • CA. Atul Kumar Gupta, Director
  • CA. Prafulla P Chhajed, Director
  • CA. Durgesh Kumar Kabra, Director
  • CA. Hans Raj Chugh, Director
Advisory Committee
  • Mr. G.Ramaswamy, Chairperson
  • Mr. Anil Goel
  • Mr. Anuj Jain
Membership Committee
  • Shri Ashok Haldia,Chairperson
  • CA. Prafulla P. Chhajed
Monitoring Committee
  • Shri I.Y.R. Krishna Rao, Chairperson
  • CA. Atul Kumar Gupta
Grievance Redressal Committee
  • Shri I.Y.R. Krishna Rao, Chairperson
  • CA. Durgesh Kumar Kabra
  • CA. Manu Agarwal
Disciplinary Committee
  • Shri Ashok Haldia, Chairperson
  • CA. Atul Kumar Gupta
  • Dr. S.P. Narang
Audit Committee
  • Shri I.Y.R. Krishna Rao, Chairperson
  • CA. Atul Kumar Gupta
  • CA. Durgesh Kumar Kabra
Appellate Panel
  • Hon’ble Mr. Justice Anil R. Dave(Retd.), Chairperson
  • Shri Ajay Behl
  • Shri S. Balasubramaniamm
Sr. No. Name Designation Qualification Email Id
1 Sh. Sunil Pant CEO LL. B, M. Sc. (Physics), B. Sc. (Hons.), CAIIB
2 Sh. Susanta Kumar Sahu COO LL. B, Diploma in PM&IR, BA (Hons.)
3 CA. Manish K. Maheshwari CFO B.Com, CA
4 CA. Meenakshi Gupta CS & Compliance Officer B.Com, CA, LL.B