Mission Statement

IIIP-ICAI shall aim at promotion and development of a well-grounded insolvency profession by emphasizing on:

  • Capacity building of members through continuous professional advancement with focus on adherence to highest ethical standards and compliance in letter and spirit of IBC regime.
  • Regulation of members in an independent and transparent manner sub-serving the public interest.
  • Protection of the interests of various stakeholders in the insolvency and bankruptcy process in a judicious and optimal manner.

Strategic Priorities

The following areas of strategic significance have been identified towards realising the mission and eventually the vision of the organisation:

  • Capacity building of members by enhancing their all-round competency for their professional development in global context.
  • Capacity building of other stakeholders for facilitating efficient and cost effective insolvency resolution proceedings.
  • Deploying an independent regulatory framework with focus on ethical code of conduct by the members.
  • Working closely with the regulator and contributing to policy formulation including with respect to the best practices in the insolvency domain.
  • Conducting research on areas considered critical for development of a robust insolvency resolution framework